Friday, January 21, 2011

DIY Snow Globes

Here are some snow globes I made as birthday gifts for my daughter's friend. It was fun making these and my girls enjoyed watching/helping too.

They were really simple to make.
- glass jars that will fit your plastic toy
- plastic toy
- glitter
- glycerin (I found mine at a local grocery store)
- hot glue
- distilled water (I just used boiled water after it has cooled down)
Optional Supplies:
- ribbon
- felt
- glue toy to the inside of the lid and let it dry
- fill jar almost full of water
- pour in a little bit of glycerin (it depends how big the jar is... I probably put in about 1 T in the Buzz jar)
- add some glitter
- screw on the lid (I did try one where I put hot glue on the inside of the lid before screwing it on, but the glue dried before I was done screwing on the lid... therefore leaving my jar half screwed on... and it leaked)
- put hot glue all around the rim of the lid to seal it
- I glued on ribbon to hide the lid and the hot glue
- I cut out a circle out of felt to glue onto the bottom of the lid

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