Thursday, January 27, 2011

Potty Training

So Jacob and I decided that we should potty train Natalie once she turned two. She showed signs of interest in November, but I wanted to wait until after the holidays to deal with potty training. Well it's after the holidays and things are settling down (um, not really settling down, now that I have to get things prepared for the up coming baby...) and I finished my midterm so I thought now would be the best time to start.

We started yesterday and Natalie did great. She was excited to wear panties like her big sister. She had 3 accidents yesterday and only one today. She goes poops and peeps in the potty. Jocelyn likes to help me by handing me the toilet paper and helping Natalie put on her panties. We have a sticker chart for Natalie and she can put one small sticker for every time she goes pee and a big sticker for poops in the potty. My girls loves stickers so it works great for Natalie. She also gets one M&Ms for peeps and two M&Ms for poops in the potty. To help Jocelyn not get jealous we give her a M&Ms too for helping Natalie. So far it's been working out great. Natalie even runs to the toilet herself too when she has to go!

I am way proud of Natalie... and excited to get her potty trained so only the new baby will be in diapers. It's hard to always keep an eye on Natalie and asking her to go pee all the time, but I know it will be worth it!

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Gma Mary Gpa Steve said...

Good Job Natalie!!! And Good Job also to the support team!!!