Friday, January 7, 2011

Thomas Family Christmas Letter 2010

This has been a great year for us. We are still living in Rockford, IL (1 hour west of Chicago). We miss all of our family and friends back west, and we have gained a greater appreciation for warm weather. On Father’s day we found out we were pregnant with Thomas baby number three! It’s another girl!! Veronica is due on February 26th, 2011, which happens to be Jacob’s birthday.

Jacob is in his 3rd year of medical school and is doing well. He has started working clinically and has rotated through Internal Medicine and Surgery so far. He has had loads of great experiences helping patients and assisting with surgeries. He is also working on an honors research project in Radiology, and at this point is planning on becoming a Radiologist after he graduates in 2012. He has to work long hours and get up early but is usually home for dinner and most weekends. The girls LOVE going to eat at the hospital cafeteria with daddy. When he gets a break from school he loves to play with the girls, play video games, read, juggle, play piano and he is now learning to play guitar.

Veronica is about 30 weeks pregnant and ready to be DONE! She is also working on finishing her degree, one class at a time. She is extremely busy taking care of Jocelyn and Natalie (and Jacob) but still finds time to work on her classes. She also keeps herself busy with all her many crafting projects. This year she has made a Mario cake, a Maisy mouse cake, a Poke ball cake, a Fire truck cake, a cake for a medical school event, and most recently a Cinderella castle cake for Natalie’s birthday. She also made personalized name pillows for her nieces and nephews in California with their names sewed on, as well as handbags for her sister and good friend. She also made an amazing felt playhouse to put over a card table for Jocelyn’s birthday. There are many other projects we could mention, but you get the point that this lady stays BUSY.

Jocelyn is now three and a half (the half is very important, she even had a half-birthday celebration). Her favorite princess is now Ariel, not Cinderella. She loves pink and anything girly. All she wants to wear are pretty dresses, even when she goes to bed, because princesses must ALWAYS wear dresses. She is a very bright little girl. Her Chinese is phenomenal and she does very well in English as well. She is very excited to have a new baby sister.

Natalie just had her second birthday. Everyone is so surprised that she is only two because she can speak so well. She can be shy around new people but she is also a crazy little girl and loves to be loud and play rough. For the past six months her favorite thing to do is crawl around on the ground and pretend she is a dog. We are trying to teach not to actually lick things like a dog, but it’s ok to pretend. She also loves all things princess, and her favorite is Cinderella, but she also wants to be like Jocelyn so she likes Ariel too. She copies everything Jocelyn does, and they both know how to get on each others’ nerves. Most the time they get along and love playing with each other.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thomas Family 2010,

Jacob, Veronica, Jocelyn, Natalie (and baby girl #3)

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Lyndon said...

It was good to get your Holiday letter, thanks! We are happy you are all doing so well. BTW, that cake looked especially delicious - Lyndon and Missy