Tuesday, July 19, 2011

St. Louis Trip

Jacob's cousin, Stuart, got married on July 15 at the St. Louis temple and we were able to make it for the wedding! There was someone to watch all the kids so Jacob and I could go in the temple together to see Stu get married! It was a great experience for me. It was the first sealing I got to witness other than my own. You could definitely feel the spirit during the ceremony.

The couple looked right at me when I was trying to take a candid picture of them... and the photographer walked right through the picture... oh well. What a cute couple =). We are so happy for you two!

We were all color coordinated that day =). I made flower clips for the older girls and a dress for myself using the same fabric. It matched perfectly with the girls' dresses (the dresses were a gift from my ballet teacher). Then I made a skirt for Eveie and a flower headband to match us. They were so cute! I love having three girls!

I made Eveie's skirt using the pattern from homemade by jill and made a fabric flower to cover up the print on the onesie, and finished it off with a cute fabric flower headband. Everything turned out great and it matched everyone else =).

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