Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Trip to Nauvoo

So we decided to stay for Stu's reception and got a hotel down in St. Louis for another night. Then the next day I was able to convince Jacob to drive us to Nauvoo. I have never been there and wanted to see the town. We were only there for a couple of hours, but I had a fun time seeing the different historical sites. Jacob and I are planning on going back there once our kids are older so we can actually enjoy touring everything there.

Poor Natalie. We were trying to get Natalie to come and take a family picture, but then she got hurt and I had to hold her...

Us in front of the temple... without Eveie. She was in the stroller and we didn't feel like getting her out =)

What silly girls we have.

Pictures of the Nauvoo Temple that I took. The first picture is my favorite. Jacob said that when he went with his dad to Nauvoo he got to go all the up to the top of the temple (the little space above the clock!).

Jacob pointed out to me that on the bottom of the columns there were carvings of the moon! Isn't that cool?

We walked around the town and tired the girls out! We got to see where Joseph Smith was buried, the red brick store, and got to see Joseph's Mansion. It was pretty awesome.

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miss diddly said...

Your girls are adorable and you have the cutest family!!