Thursday, December 3, 2009

December Already?

I can't believe it is December already and that means that Natalie is going to be one this month!! So weird. Natalie has been talking a lot more too. Ever since we got here in Utah she has learned how to say "po po" (grandma in Chinese), "xie xie" (thank you), "tui tui" (leg), "rella" (Cinderella), "yao yao" (rock), "hai yao" (more), "jia sen" (Jocelyn), "bao bao" (hug), "bao" (bread)... that's all I can remember right now... and these are the words that she just started to say since November 17! It's fun to hear her talk more. She has also been more snuggly =).

Being December... I am sad that I won't get to spend my birthday with Jacob. Luckily Jacob was able to be in Utah for a few days for Thanksgiving. I did have a fun early birthday date with Jacob. We went out to eat Mexican food, then went to Roxberry Juice for some smoothies, and then got a redbox (The Proposal). It was fun to just be with and talk to Jacob. I couldn't ask for more.

Jacob and me making faces together after dinner.

Hmm... so still don't know exactly what I want to do tomorrow on my actual birthday. Any ideas?

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Gma Mary Gpa Steve said...

Great pictures of Valeria - She is beautiful.
We can hardly wait to see you next week.