Monday, September 29, 2008

Our Evening Walk

Usually after dinner if we have time, we take Jocelyn out for a walk and sometimes we bring her out to the swings. She loves the swings and gets extremely excited when we tell her where we are going. The hardest part is taking her away from the swings. She cries and wines, but once we distract her with something else, like a squirrel or a bird, she usually fine. We love how the weather is nice here and we get to go out in the evenings.

While we were swinging Jocelyn, Jacob noticed a praying mantis on top of the swing set. Of course Jacob noticed it since he is so tall... and I had him take a picture of it. It was cool seeing a real praying mantis and how it moves. We saw a segment on animal planet on how a praying mantis sways back and forth while it moves and it was amazing to actually witness it in person... I know, I know... we're nerds.

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