Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eating All By Myself

I made Jocelyn a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, and usually she eats about half of it. This time, I decided to cut it up into little pieces for Jocelyn to eat with a fork. It was her first time ever feeding herself for the whole meal and finishing it! She even wanted more afterward.

Jocelyn about to take her last bite!

Taking her last bite...

... and carefully putting her fork down after taking her last bite.

Jocelyn getting a drink of water/juice.

Jocelyn looking at mommy and smiling because I caught her eating up the crumbs on her tray!

After lunch, Jocelyn played with her stroller she got from Lauren for her 1st birthday. She didn't use to play with it much, but lately she has discovered how fun it can be... especially having a purse and pushing it at the same time like Mama does. She wanted me to help her get the purse and put it on her shoulder. Just to show that kids are always watching what their parents are doing.

Jocelyn waving "bye bye" to mama.

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