Friday, September 10, 2010

Jocelyn's 2nd Birthday

I always wanted to post these, but I guess I forgot. Here are some pictures from Jocelyn's 3rd birthday. I made her a Maisy cake that she loved! I loved making it too although it took me a while to make. It was my first time working with marshmallow fondant. It actually turned out pretty tasty. It was a banana cake with cream cheese frosting inside. When I asked her what she wanted on her cake she said Maisy, Tallulah, and Charley. Then after I was finished making the cake she asked me why Eddie wasn't on the cake! I told her she didn't say that she wanted him on there and there wouldn't have been room for him. For those who are not familiar with Maisy, Eddie is the big elephant! Haha.

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Gma Mary Gpa Steve said...

You are an amazing wife and mother. I love all you do to make family events special. I am soooo glad you found each other.

Lyndon said...

Your girls are so stinking cute! Congrats on number 3.