Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chinese New Years

These are homemade potstickers. I made the pork and vegetable filling and Jacob helped me wrap all 200 or so potstickers!

These are sesame bread with green onions. Jocelyn helped me roll these out and put on the green onions and salt. We ate these with the X.O. sauce. YUM! The kids loved it too... even with the green onions.

This is the X.O. Sauce that we ate with the bread and the potstickers. This is a must have sauce... too bad my tummy can't handle anything spicy anymore. =(

Strawberry boba drink! This was my recipe that my dad used for his Chinese restaurant. The kids loved this too... so do the adults =)

I also made some red bean dessert.

This is us on Chinese New Years! Thanks Jacob for taking these pictures!

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