Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our Trip to Indianapolis- Costco

We decided last minute that we were going to make a trip to Indianapolis to get our tires looked at. We noticed that the back right tire of the car was losing air. Since we got our tires at Costco, the closest one was in Indianapolis. It only takes about two hours to get there. We planned for Jocelyn to just nap in the car, but instead she wanted to be awake. We were just glad that she was cheerful and happy on our drive there and back.

Once we arrived at Costco, the tire services said we would have a 2 hour wait before they could even look at the car. We ended up waiting about 2 1/2 hours before the car was ready. It wasn't hard to fill our time because we were at Costco! We walked around and tired samples, got a couple of things, ate lunch there, and played outside of Costco while waiting for the car. Who knew that Costco could be so much fun! I love Costco.

Jocelyn can now buckle herself in her stroller.

If you look closely there is a poster with an Asian lady on it, and Jocelyn thought it was me! She pointed it the poster and said, "mama." Haha.

How cute. Jocelyn and Baba holding hands!

I love this picture of Jacob and Jocelyn.

While waiting for the tires to be fixed, Jocelyn liked to point and look at the Michelin man/logo that was inside this tire.

We also passed the time by spinning in around in the tire section of Costco... people gave us weird looks, but it was fun and Jocelyn thought it was funny and enjoyed it.

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