Thursday, September 11, 2008

Full of Surprises

This girl was just full of surprises on Monday. Since it was a Monday, we had playgroup scheduled. Jocelyn was a lot more outgoing this time compared to the first time. She wasn't scared to go off and play with the toys by herself. She still doesn't really "play" with other kids. She does sometimes share... which is good. Anyway, there was this baby next to her that was about 10 months and the baby started to cough. Jocelyn... being the great girl she is... saw that the baby was coughing and started to pat the baby on its back (softly). It was cute to see her do that. She does it to us and herself too when we cough, sneeze, or burp.

It was also a cooler day so I decided to put her in long sleeves and pants. It has been awhile since she last wore long sleeves. So the whole day she has been looking at and checking out her sleeves. She even tried putting it in her mouth. The most funny part was when I went in to get her after her nap and found one arm out and through the neck of the shirt! She definitely surprised me and I thought it was funny... I'm not sure if she meant to do that or not. Anyway, Jocelyn thought it was funny too. We both laughed and I took pictures.

While I was getting ready on Monday, I had Jocelyn playing with legos in her room. Then I hear "Mama... mama..." She does that quiet often so I didn't think much of it and just responded with, "Jocelyn..." Then I hear her saying it again, "Mama... mama..." and she walks into the bathroom proudly presenting the little tower she made out of her legos! It was my first time ever seeing her put that many together. She looked so proud of herself... it was so cute! She definitely made my morning that day!

Last Saturday Jocelyn thought it was a good idea to color on the walls instead of the paper. I was getting dinner ready and thought that Jacob was in the room with her. After we took the crayon away from her, Jacob and I told her "no" and pointed to the wall. I still haven't cleaned the walls yet and everyday Jocelyn is in her room and sees the marks on the wall she tells herself "no, no... no, no." I think it's cute that Jocelyn does that... but I think I will clean the walls today.

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Anonymous said...

She's looking so grown up now... tell her to STOP IT! :) Congrats on the blog, can't wait to see more!