Monday, September 22, 2008

Scared Me

Every Friday I take Jocelyn with me to cooking club. Cooking club is from 2-3 PM and Jocelyn loves to come with me because she likes to watch people cook and bake. When we were coming through the front door, Jocelyn was starting to fuss so I told her that I would get her a snack and let her watch Arthur. Well I quickly put her down on the couch and went to close the front door. While I went to close the door, she kept saying "baba, baba, baba." I was wondering why she would say "baba" when I knew that he was not at home and was at school studying. So I turned around and told her that baba was at school and not home, but she kept on saying it. I looked toward the direction she was looking and let out a scream... at first I thought I was imagining it, but it was JACOB standing our apartment! He totally scared me! I was not expecting Jacob to be standing there because he told me he would be at school studying until 5:30. Although he scared me, it was nice having him home... even though it would mean he would be studying at home.

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